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Body Image Assessments: BIQLI

Substantial research confirms that body image affects multiple aspects of psychosocial functioning, yet there has been no existing direct assessment to quantify its positive or negative impact on individuals’ quality of life.  The Body Image Quality of Life Inventory (BIQLI) uses a 7-point response format ranging from very negative (-3) to very positive (+3) effects of body image on 19 life domains.  The BIQLI is internally consistent and stable over a 2- to 3-week period.  It converges significantly with multiple measures of body-image evaluation and investment as well as with body mass.  The BIQLI is valuable for quantifying how persons’ body image experiences affect a broad range of life domains—including sense of self, social functioning, sexuality, emotional well-being, eating, exercise, grooming, etc.  The BIQLI has potential utility as a clinical assessment in discerning specifically how an individual’s body image impacts his or her life and as an outcome measure of body image interventions.

Purchasers of the BIQLI receive the questionnaire and scoring instructions.  Rather than receiving a manual, you are referred to the following published article for more psychometric details on the measure:

  • Cash, T.F., & Fleming, E.C. (2002). The impact of body-image experiences: Development of the Body Image Quality of Life Inventory.  International Journal of Eating Disorders, 31, 455-460.

If you wish to order and print the BIQLI and the Scoring Instructions, and you agree to the above terms, CLICK the following link and provide the necessary information as requested. Conditions of use of the BIQLI are as follows:

  • Period of use is limited to two (2) years.
  • Duplication of copies exceeding 1000 requires the author's written permission.
  • Distribution for use by others is prohibited.
  • Modification of the questionnaire items is prohibited. 
  • Use in online surveys is acceptable if the survey is posted on a restricted site (i.e., not posted on an open website).
  • Any commercial use of the materials, other than use in academic research or clinical practice, is prohibited.
  • Any document (i.e., technical report, thesis, dissertation, or published article) resulting from use of the assessment must include its proper citation.

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